Ex-Congressional Staffer Speaks of Unbridled Fraud in U.S. Public Health Policies

Dear All,
Please read the below statement of former Congressional staffer, Beth Clay, regarding the CDC autism-vaccine debacle. This is quite similar to what was done over the mold issue when professing scientific proof that mycotoxins in an indoor environment could never reach a level to harm, and selling the scientific fraud as a matter of public policy to mislead U.S. courts. In both matters, the frauds began to be mass marketed circa 2000 by employees of the CDC.
When abusing the judicial process while trying to shut me up of how they mass marketed the scientific fraud over the mold issue; corrupted officers of the California courts and their clerks authored and mailed fraudulent court documents which concealed that a retired CDC Deputy Director, Bryan D. Hardin, was an undisclosed party to the Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation (SLAPP) suit of Bruce J. Kelman and GlobalTox, Inc. vs. Sharon Kramer. Case No. GIN044539 Superior Court of the County of San Diego. (2005-2013)
All totaled the Appellate Court justices and their clerks falsified three Remittiturs that were used to conceal that CDC’s Hardin was a known improperly undisclosed party to the fixed SLAPP. One in 2006, one in 2010 and one in 2013. This is the SLAPP suit in which they framed me for libel with actual malice for the 100% correct sentence:
“Upon viewing documents presented by the Hayne’s attorney of Kelman’s prior testimony from a case in Arizona, Dr. Kelman altered his under oath statements on the witness stand.”
The fraud upon the court in the SLAPP was to make my exposing who was involved in the mass marketing of scientific fraud in 2005, appear to be false and unfounded. (See accurate March 2005 Press Release by Sharon Noonan Kramer)
The California jurist with the publicly known “least favorable ethics record” in the entire state and her clerk, falsified the judgment document from the SLAPP suit in 2008, rendering it void to be used for any purpose. The Appellate justices concealed it was void in their 2010 opinion and fraudulent remittitur.
Bruce Kelman, president of GlobalTox, Inc., ( now known as Veritox, Inc.); and his California attorney, Keith Scheuer, then submitted the void judgment as the sole foundational document to the second case — to try to shut me up of the collusive corruption in the first case, the fixed SLAPP suit, aiding the public fleecing to continue.
Contrary to the direct evidence of the collusion to defraud in both cases, this is their Version of what happened of why I can continue to write of the public fleecing via fraud upon the court in SLAPP and coram non judice litigations; without fear of another SLAPP suit — for telling and providing evidence of the God’s honest truth of corruption in the Cal courts aiding frauds in the federal gov’t.
Plainly stated without an ounce of fear of reprisal:
The owners of Veritox, Inc., are major league criminals and professional liars for the federal government, who equally compromised and criminal officers of the San Diego Superior and Appellate Courts fixed a SLAPP suit to aid them to continue to fleece the public with scientific fraud. Short of having me killed, they’ve collusively done everything in their power from 2005 to present, to try to shut me up and discredit me — even recording thousands of dollars of fraudulent liens against my property and causing me bodily harm to try to scare me into silence.
Fat chance that I’m shutting up when so many U.S. citizens are still suffering and I’m falsely deemed a malicious liar for life for exposing it!  Direct evidence of fraud upon the court by well connected fraudsters, does not lie.
In the second suit which began in November of 2010, Bruce J. Kelman vs Sharon Kramer Case No 37-2010-00061530-CU-DF-NC, also in the San Diego County Superior and Appellate Courts, they had me jailed in March of 2012 for refusing to sign a false confession of being guilty of libel.– by a judge who knew that his court had no subject matter jurisdiction.  Then, with the aid of the San Diego County Sheriff, Bill Gore, they gave me a false criminal FBI record for alleged civil contempt of court — which is not a crime.  Its a civil matter.
While civil contempt is not criminal, court officers falsifying court documents to fleece the public with ex CDC employees and federal contractors — when their courts have no subject matter jurisdiction — IS a crime.  Under California Penal Code 134, its a felony punishable by up to four years in prison for each offense, with the involved jurists having no judicial immunity from prosecution for the malicious frauds upon the court. All totaled I have direct evidence of no less than 30 counts of court doc falsifications and U.S. postal service mailings of the frauds, in my possession.
While the Cal courts were fixing litigations to try to shut me up and discredit me, I was simultaneously spending time in DC trying to stop the scientific fraud over the mold issue, ultimately, to no avail.  At my insist urging, Democrat Senate HELP which was then headed by the late Senator Edward Kennedy, ordered a federal Government Accountability Office audit of the matter in 2006. Then in 2007, HELP deleted from the audit looking into who had the conflicts of interest–when they knew the answer and the devastation being caused. At the time, Dr. David Noll was my liason to Senate HELP.  Upon his departure from the Hill shortly thereafter, he went to work for the CDC.
The Congressional Gov’t Oversight and Reform Committee, headed at the time by Congressman Henry Waxman (D-Ca), repeatedly refused to hold hearings of the matter.  They, too, knew of the rampant fraud over the mold issue involving the CDC and its private sector partners, harming thousands of U.S. citizens.
The selling never vetted science when establishing flawed public health policies on behalf of special interests, needs to be made to stop.  This former Congressional staffer, Beth Clay, is the second federal employee to come forward with a public statement within the past couple of weeks.  The first was Dr. William Thompson of the CDC.
In her public statement, Ms. Clay has nailed it of how severely compromised the US gov’t and its private sector contractors have become when selling garbage science in environmental public health policies on behalf of special interests.  The only aspect she is missing, is how severely compromised the courts have also become when covering up the frauds of the federal gov’t and its private sector partners.
In Ms. Clay’s words as shared by HealthImpactNews.com:
“I had always held the National Academy of Science and the Institute of Medicine in fairly high regard. They are touted to be an independent scientific body. I would learn in truth they are an elite members club of the scientific community that contracts with the government and industry to conduct reviews. With the vaccine injury inquiry, we watched them take direction from the CDC and shortchange the independent review process. They proved unable to separate their desire to protect vaccine policies from the process and conduct a truly independent and rigorous review of the evidence of possible vaccine injury.
At every stage were obvious irregularities in process, from the manipulation of the thimerosal data to wash out links to autism; to changing the instructions to the IOM; to data from Denmark from studies that were fatally flawed from the outset being touted as reasons to end the debate. I heard scientists quoted in the media say that it was ‘settled science’ and that no other funds should be devoted to asking the question. Science is never ‘settled’. And yet, this notion was put forward and adopted because it was convenient for those who wanted this uncomfortable topic to fade out.
Maybe most egregious of all was Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sibelius’ bragging in a Reader’s Digest interview that she had instructed her press office to get the media to stop covering the parent led organizations that were questioning HHS on these issues. She the Secretary, like every federal official raised her hand and swore and oath to uphold and defend the Constitution, and yet she admits to suppressing free speech and controlling the media!
Keep in mind, all of the irregularities and substandard research occurred before we knew about Poul Thorsen’s criminal activity. All of our concerns occurred before the latest news this month that the CDC had covered up data showing African American boys at an increased risk of autism if given the MMR vaccine before 36 months.”
Read more of the CDC intentionally skewed autism-vaccine public health policy and of the covering up of it by mainstream media, at our prior post on Katy’s Exposure — exposing environmental health threats and those responsible.
Know that this is not an isolated incident.  It appears to be a matter of common practice at the CDC and its private sector partners, when selling garbage science to the masses to the benefit of gov’t employees’ second careers for the interested industry de jour.
For a greater understanding of how the rampant conflicts of interest work, please read the various links in this post on the Health Impact News article “CDC Whistleblower Dr. Thompson, I’ve stopped lying and am willing to testify on vaccine fraud”.
Readers of this blog should also be aware that the North San Diego County Superior Court where the majority of the fraud upon the court in the Kelman/Veritox SLAPP over the mold issue has taken place,  is located in Vista, CA.  This is U.S. Congressman Darrell Issa’s (R-Ca) district.
Congressman Issa is the current Chair of the U.S. Congressional Oversight and Gov’t Reform Committee.  Like Henry Waxman (D-Ca) before him,  Issa is well aware of fraud upon the court in California causing the continuance of scientific fraud by criminal means in federally established environmental public health policies.  So are United States Senators Dianne Feinstein (D-Ca) and Barbara Boxer (D-Ca).
Sharon Noonan Kramer
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CDC Autism Researcher Informs Congress of Scientific Fraud in 2004 Medical Journal Publication

Questions of the day: Are U.S. parents justified in their concerns that the United States Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) overstates the proven safety of current U.S. vaccination schedules; and if they are justified, what can and should Congress do to alleviate the growing concerns?

In the words of CDC Senior Scientist and Autism Epidemiologist, William W. Thompson, PhD.

“I regret that my coauthors and I omitted statistically significant information in our 2004 article published in the journal Pediatrics. The omitted data suggested that African-American males who received the MMR vaccine before age 36 months were at increased risk for autism. Decisions were made regarding which findings to report after the data were collected, and I believe that the final study protocol was not followed.

 My concern has been the decision to omit relevant findings in a particular study for a particular sub­ group for a particular vaccine. There have always been recognized risks for vaccination and I believe it is the responsibility of the CDC to properly convey the risks associated with receipt of those vaccines.

I am providing information to Congressman William Posey, and of course will continue to cooperate with Congress.  I have also offered to assist with reanalysis of the study data or development of further studies….I will do everything I can to assist any unbiased and objective scientists inside or outside the CDC to analyze data collected by the CDC or other public organizations for the purpose of understanding whether  vaccines are associated with an increased  risk of autism.”

According to the August 27th press release issued by Dr. Thompson; he and fellow CDC researchers omitted pertinent data from a 2004 vaccine/autism causation study. It appears that they skewed the data to force a finding of vaccination safety for a larger segment of the population than is reality.

The press release was issued via Dr. Thompson’s legal counsel at Morgan Vercamp LLP. It is titled, “STATEMENT OF WILLIAM W. THOMPSON, Ph.D., REGARDING THE 2004 ARTICLE EXAMINING THE POSSIBILITY OF A RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN  MMR VACCINE AND AUTISM”[1]

Dr. Thompson claims that the manipulated conclusion based upon unjustifiably omitted data was submitted for a 2004 publication in the medical journal, Pediatrics. The 2004 paper by the CDC co-authors is titled, “Age at First Measles-Mumps-Rubella Vaccination in Children With Autism and School-matched Control Subjects: A Population-Based Study in Metropolitan Atlanta”[2]

[1] August 27, 2014 Press Release of William W. Thompson http://www.morganverkamp.com/august-27-2014-press-release-statement-of-william-w-thompson-ph-d-regarding-the-2004-article-examining-the-possibility-of-a-relationship-between-mmr-vaccine-and-autism/
[2] DeStefano F1, Bhasin TK, Thompson WW, Yeargin-Allsopp M, Boyle CAge at first measles-mumps-rubella vaccination in children with autism and school-matched control subjects: a population-based study in metropolitan Atlanta.’ Pediatrics. 2004 Feb;113(2):259-66. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/14754936


The CDC has a link on their website to the decade old Pediatrics publication with the reported findings being presented and justified as,

“We do not want to lose any opportunity to protect all [emphasis added] of our children when we have the means to do so.”[3]

On the same webpage, the CDC acknowledges that data for children without Georgia birth certificates was omitted from the study.  Not stated, the omitted data also appears to have represented nearly exclusively black males, many of whom had been vaccinated before 36 months of age and had autism. Had these children not been deleted, the statistical conclusion of the study would have warned of the potential for greater risk of vaccine induced cognitive impairment among African-American males.

[3] CDC website tooting Dr. Thompson’s 2004 study. http://www.cdc.gov/vaccinesafety/Concerns/Autism/cdc2004pediatrics.html


According to a new study published on August 8, 2014, in the scientific journal Translational Neurodegeneration, the data omitted from the 2004 Pediatrics/CDC study indicates that African-American males receiving their first measles, mumps & rubella (MMR) vaccine before the age of 36 months may be 3.4 times more likely to develop autism vs. those vaccinated after 36 months. Percentage wise, this number could be interpreted as a 340% hidden increased risk of causation of vaccine induced autism in black males, by vaccinating them for MMR too early in life.

The 2014 Translational Neurodegeneration study of the 2004 Pediatrics/CDC study is titled, “Measles-mumps-rubella vaccination timing and autism among young african american boys: a reanalysis of CDC data.”[4] It was authored by Brian Hooker, PhD, who is a biochemical engineer and reportedly a parent of a child who became autistic after vaccination.

On August 29th, two days after the CDC’s Dr. Thompson publicly voiced concerns via legal counsel of the validity of his own 2004 study on behalf of the CDC; BioMed Central, who are the publishers of Translational Neurodegeneration, issued an “expression of concern” of Dr. Hooker’s study that had echoed Dr. Thompson’s concerns. BioMed Central claims “the editors have expressed concern about this [Dr. Hooker’s] article” because of alleged undisclosed conflicts of interest of the author and peer reviewers.[5]

[4] Brian Hooker “Measles-mumps-rubella vaccination timing and autism among young african american boys: a reanalysis of CDC data” Transl Neurodegener. 2014 Aug 29; 3: 18.
[5] BioMed Central “expression of concern” of Dr. Hooker’s study. Aug 29, 2014 http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4150057/


Conversely, this auithor is not aware of the journal of Pediatrics editors and/or publishers issuing any public statement or retracting the 2004 CDC study even after the paper’s own co-author, Dr. Thompson, has publicly stated the findings and resultant public health advisory are flawed by exclusion of pertinent data.

According to Change.Org, over seven thousand people have petitioned Pediatric’s Editor in Chief, Dr. Lewis First, to promptly retract the 2004 CDC study pending further investigation of the alleged manipulated data.[6]

[6] Change.org petition to Pediatric’s Dr. First https://www.change.org/p/lewis-r-first-editor-in-chief-publicly-issue-a-retraction-of-the-fraudulent-2004-mmr-autism-study


Pediatrics is the journal of the private-sector medical association, the American Academy of Pediatric (AAP).[7] AAP is composed of thousands of physicians who diagnose and treat children primarily throughout the United States. The non-profit organization claims an annual income of approximately $84 million and receives federal funds to disseminate accurate public health and policy advisories to physicians, medical schools, other non-profit medical associations and the general populations.

AAP is reported to have received over $3 million in federal funding since 2000, largely from contracts with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), the federal department which oversees the CDC.[8]

AAP play a key role in assisting the DHHS and CDC to establish types of recommended vaccinations and schedules for their administration to United States children, as a matter of public health policy.[9] According to a 2008 CBS news report titled, “How Independent Are Vaccine Defenders”, AAP also receives substantial funding from pharmaceutical manufacturers of the vaccines that AAP, DHHS and the CDC endorse via recommended policies and mandates.[10]

[7] Pediatrics & AAP http://pediatrics.aappublications.org/cgi/collection/#aap_policy_collections
[8] Fedspending.Org http://www.fedspending.org/fpds/fpds.php?fiscal_year=ALL&company_name=american+academy+of+pediatrics&sortp=r&datype=T&reptype=r&database=fpds&detail=-1&submit=GO&sum_expand=S
[9] CDC and AAP vaccine schedule recommendations http://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/hcp/acip-recs/index.html & http://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/schedules/downloads/child/0-18yrs-schedule.pdf
[10] 2008 CBS News “How independent are vaccine defenders?” http://www.cbsnews.com/news/how-independent-are-vaccine-defenders/


In California as of 2012, parents are mandated to have the AAP/CDC recommended vaccines administered to their children before entering public schools. Under California Assembly Bill 2108, in order to be able to opt out of vaccinating, parents must obtain written permission from a physician – who in many instances would be a pediatrician affiliated with AAP.[11] No longer able to opt out based solely on their own concern of conflicted interests driving flawed vaccination public health policy harmful to many children, or their concern that a particular vaccine(s) may harm their own child(ren); parents must provide the state with a physician’s stated reason for exclusion from the mandated vaccinations.[12]

[11] California AB2106 mandates physicians must give permission for parent to opt out of vaccinations for their children. http://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/billNavClient.xhtml?bill_id=201120120AB2109
[12] Aug 22, 2014 email to CA Governor Jerry Brown’s legislative assistant from Actor Rob Schneider “CDC Autism Whistleblower Admits Vaccine Study Fraud – CNN iReport” http://jonrappoport.wordpress.com/2014/08/24/rob-schneider-says-he-has-smoking-gun-on-cdc-vaccine-autism-fraud/


The matter of a “CDC Whistleblower of vaccine-autim fraud” first reached mainstream media attention on August 22nd of this year. It was reported by a citizen-journalist on the website CNN IReport.[13]  From there, it spread like wildfire on blogs and websites of both vaccine defenders and those who question vaccines’ and vaccine schedules’ safety. The IReport article and its linked video “CDC Whistleblower revealed” as produced by Autism Media Channel, were quickly removed by CNN who pledged further investigation.

Contradictory to the August 27th press release of CDC’s Dr. Thompson stating,

“I regret that my coauthors and I omitted statistically significant information in our 2004 article published in the journal Pediatrics”;

CNN has concluded as of August 27th that,

CDC researchers are standing by their original findings: that there is no link between autism and vaccination schedules.”[14]

Of worthy note, it should also be mentioned that a decade ago when the Pediatrics article in question was first published, Dr. Thompson voiced his concerns to then head of the CDC, Dr. Julie Gerberding. He stated his concerns in writing of the ethical problems of presenting the skewed findings in the MMR vaccine/autism study to the National Academy of Sciences Institute of Medicine (IOM). In February of 2004, Dr. Thompson wrote to Dr. Gerberding:[15]

I’m sure you are aware of the Institute of Medicine Meeting regarding vaccines and autism that will take place on February 9th. I will be presenting the summary of our results from the Metropolitan Atlanta Case-Control Study and I will have to present several problematic results relating to statistical associations between the receipt of MMR vaccines and autism…..In addition, I have repeatedly told individuals of the NIP OD [National Immunization Program, Office of Directors] over the last several years that they’re doing a very poor job representing immunization safety issues and that we’re losing the public relations war….you are putting one of your own scientists in harm’s way. This is not the time for our leadership to act politically. It is time for the leadership to stand by their scientists and do the right thing…

[13] CNN IReport Aug 22nd http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-1164046
[14] CNN website Aug 27th, http://www.cnn.com/2014/08/27/health/irpt-cdc-autism-vaccine-study/index.html
[15] February 2, 2004, Thompson email to Gerberding http://www.naturalnews.com/images/CDC-Gerberding-warning-vaccines-autism.JPG


It is self-evident that problems and suspicions caused by the CDC study authors’ omission of data have been known by CDC leaders for many years. Within those same years; parents, scientists and researchers have been sounding alarms that CDC public health advisories and mandates regarding the safety of vaccines and schedules may be based more on politics than on proven science based medicine and proper research procedures. A quick AOL search of the words “vaccine autism” renders approximately 8,910,000 results on the subject and illuminates the public’s current skepticism of CDC backed public health policies.

As a result of lack of U.S. government oversight either confirming or alleviating the parents’ concerns; parents of U.S. children are caught in the quandary of fearing increased risk for the safety of their own children should they adhere to the questionable CDC vaccination recommendations; or of facing the hardship of no public education for their children and societal accusations of being at fault for the spread of disease via their non-vaccinated offspring.


Vaccine defenders sometimes refer to the distraught parents and their scientific/medical proponents as “hilarious” science denialists.[16] [17] [18] [19] [20] Any parent struggling with the decision to vaccinate their child or not; knows there is nothing even remotely “hilarious” about the vaccine-autism debate and the mixed information fueling it.

“Abe Lincoln” on the Internet[16] I Fucking Love Science Blog (IFLScience) referring to United States concerned parents, physicians and scientists as “hilarious” science denialists, http://www.iflscience.com/tags/vaccines
[17] September 1, 2014 ScienceBlogs stating Dr. Thompson’s attorney contacted the blog and offered the (quickly dismissed) explanation that Dr. Thompson spoke because his conscience was bothering him. http://scienceblogs.com/insolence/2014/09/01/the-cdc-whistleblower-william-w-thompson-one-last-word/
[18] Slate Magazine website referring to the parents as “anti-vaxers” in the article, “No, there is still no connection between vaccines and autism” http://www.slate.com/blogs/bad_astronomy/2014/08/27/anti_vax_cdc_conspiracy_theory_sweeping_the_social_media.html
[20] Snopes.com as of September 1st, “False” to the claim of “The CDC has intentionally suppressed proof of vaccine-related cases of autism in African-American boys from reaching the public.” http://www.snopes.com/medical/disease/cdcwhistleblower.asp


Adding greatly to parental concerns, it is reported that between the years of 1992 and 2002, the rate of children diagnosed with autism in the United States skyrocketed an alarming 634%.[21] In keeping with the upward statistical trend, today one in fifty U.S. male children and adolescents is diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).[22] During those same years, the number of vaccination shots given to U.S. children before the age of six has increased from merely a handful to well over thirty shots.

[21] http://sfari.org/news-and-opinion/in-brief/2012/clinical-research-rates-of-autism-rise-based-on-birth-year
[22] March 2014 CNN “Autism rates now 1 in 68 U.S. children: CDC” http://www.cnn.com/2014/03/27/health/cdc-autism/


To this author’s knowledge, there is little to no scientific research which substantiates that an acceptable number of developing brains can tolerate the combined toxic dosage of the growing number of vaccines being administered within a short window of time and at early ages. Scientifically speaking, it is unscientific (and unethical) to perform monotoxicity risk assessments of one or two dosages, and promote to the public as a matter of policy, that this myopic research establishes general population safety from the potentially devastating synergistic effects of mixtoxicological dosages.

In light of lack of proof establishing otherwise, a growing number of parents, researchers and physicians are concerned that there is a direct correlation between too many/too much vaccinations and subsequent onset ASD contributing to the significant rise in the number of America’s autistic children. For good cause as reported by Dr. Thompson and others, they are concerned that the CDC has lost sight of proper methodology to establish sound public health policy; and are concerned that the CDC is intentionally concealing relevant data under the misguided guise of “for the greater public good”.

As a result of the growing public suspicion of too much politics and monied interests influencing medical associations’, CDC’s, and other governmental entities’ downplaying of reasonably suspected causes of ASD; thousands of parents are choosing not to have their children vaccinated.

For the greater public good, health risk assessments should always consider statistics reflective of the true percentage of the public potentially being harmed by acts meant to protect the public. Needless to say, if statistical errors are to be made, they should be made on the side of caution to prevent future potentially harmful acts.

One in fifty U.S. male youths, or 2%, are now being diagnosed with ASD. This is not an acceptable loss for “the greater public good”; or a point in time for the CDC to be playing fast and loose with statistical data in the promotion of vaccinating all children. Two percent of all male children having ASD qualifies as an epidemic of cognitive impairment in the United States youngest generation.[24]

When scientifically flawed medical journal publications, like the 2004 Pediatrics/CDC MMR/Autism study, are authored by government employees; and private sector “non-profit” physician organizations are involved with federal leaders in propagating the skewed data — public trust may be irreparably shattered until those responsible for flawed public health policy are held accountable.[23]

[23] 2009, Institute of Medicine, “Conflicts of Interest in Medical Research, Education and Practice http://www.nap.edu/openbook.php?record_id=12598
[24] Definition of epidemic: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Epidemic


Regardless of who is right or who is wrong as to the need and safety of vaccinating America’s children for the greater good; all agree that impeccable ethics when establishing public health policies is of the utmost importance to protect us all.

In his August 27th press release, Dr. Thompson states,

I am providing information to Congressman William Posey, and of course will continue to cooperate with Congress.  I have also offered to assist with reanalysis of the study data or development of further  studies….”

Given all of the above, Congressional investigations of the CDC’s and their private-sector medical partners’ methodologies, ethics, and risk analyses when establishing public health policies, logically seems more than warranted.  To this author, prompt Congressional investigations of Dr. Thompson’s claims seem imperative for the future health and safety of the United States and it’s people’s future confidence in the integrity of the CDC.

To view the data to which Dr. Thompson refers that was deleted from the 2004 CDC study and to hear the explanation in Dr. Thompson’s own words of his concern of how fraudulent health marketing [25] [26] was then used to the detriment of the public, please watch the Autism Media Channel’s “CDC Whistleblower revealed”.

[25] CDC Department of Health Marketing http://www.cdc.gov/healthcommunication/toolstemplates/whatishm.html
[26] The Guardian, “Scientific fraud is rife. Its time to stand up for good science” http://www.theguardian.com/science/blog/2012/nov/02/scientific-fraud-good-science


If you agree that this matter deserves prompt Congressional oversight, please contact the Honorable Congressman Bill Posey (R-Fl) and your legislative representatives to tell them so.

For a greater understanding of how industries, medical associations, and universities systematically influence the CDC’s environmental public health policies with the use of public tax dollars, please read “Association of Occupational and Environmental Clinics (AOEC): Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Units by Sharon N. Kramer and (former CDC contractor) JoEllen Perez.

Thank you for your consideration of this matter,

Mrs. Sharon Noonan Kramer

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Why does San Diego DA Dumanis have an atypically high 94.7% conviction rate?


Is the oddly high success rate a result of frightening innocent people into pleading guilty to crimes they did not commit?

“Did you know of the more than 16,000 felony charges filed San Diego County in 2011 – there were only 33 which resulted in ‘NOT GUILTY’ verdicts?”

A few days ago, we blogged of an Enicinitas family in need of help from what appears to be continuing malicious prosecution by DA Bonnie Dumanis’s office. She is intending to take a case, the People v. Burleson, to trial for a second time on October 2nd of this year.

To reiterate:

A March 18, 2014 appellate opinion found that in the prior December 2011 trial, the father of the Burleson family, Jeff Burleson, had been wrongfully found guilty of the misdemeanor of brandishing a weapon in a threatening manner.

The misdemeanor conviction was over-turned by the March 2014 appellate opinion.  The trial itself was a result of DA Dumanis attempting to intimidate and coerce Mr. Burleson into perjuring himself and pleading guilty to the felony of assault with a deadly weapon — with an unloaded shotgun.
Mr. Burleson is North County real estate broker, husband, and father of three young children.  He refused to make the false plea under threat by Dumanis’ office that if found guilty of the felony in trial, he could have been sentenced to fourteen plus years in prison.
According to a 2013 San Diego Reader article, it came to light in the 2011 trial that the Complainant, a process server for the Burleson’s homeowner association, most likely embellished his complaint against Mr. Burleson. This is a fact that remains in evidence to which Dumanis’ office has had access for nearly three years. Yet, she continues to prosecute.
The Reader article states,
…defense attorney Gerald Smith’s retrospective on the trial. “The reason why we went to trial in the first place,” he says, “was that the DA had not offered a whole lot of negotiation. They wanted Jeff to plead to a charge that would have had a serious impact on his life.”
What did Smith think most convinced the jury not to convict his client of assault with a deadly weapon? Since there were no third-party eyewitnesses to the alleged crime, the verdict had to be based largely on which version of events came off as most credible.
“Here was the major credibility issue,” Smith says. “Gruytch [the process server] had already said he was very familiar with shotguns, that in fact he owned one. So I asked him, ‘What happened when, as you allege, Jeff pointed the shotgun at you?’ His reply was that he’d stepped forward. So I asked, ‘You’ve got a shotgun pointing at you and you step forward?’ When I was giving the closing argument and brought that up, that’s when most of the jury nodded their heads and rolled their eyes. It was a telltale sign.
After we blogged of the matter on Katy’s Exposure, Encinitas family needs help. DA Dumanis practicing politics for cronies again!,  Mr. Burleson added this comment to the blog on August 11th:
Thank you very much for your encouraging words of support Mrs. Sharon Noonan Kramer.
‘We shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose ANY foe in order to ensure the survival and success of liberty.’ – John F. Kennedy, January 20, 1961
On March 29, 2011, I was falsely accused of committing a violent felony simply because I protected the lady in this photograph (my beautiful wife and three young children). Facing 14.5 years in prison, I would not plead to a crime I didn’t commit. I took the matter to trial and was acquitted of the felony accusation but was convicted of a misdemeanor due to a minor technical mistake.
Multiple jurors told my attorney I’d done nothing wrong, that I was simply protecting my family but because they weren’t given an opportunity to consider ‘self-defense’ or ‘defense of others’ they simply had no choice but to convict.
As a professional with three licenses which could be subject to revocation and/or denial as a result of a misdemeanor conviction, this case affected me greatly BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY, it was a great miscarriage of justice; I didn’t commit any crime to begin with.
To appeal, I hired a former deputy District Attorney [Richard Huffman Jr., son of Appellate Justice and former chair of the Executive Committee of the California Judicial Council, Richard Huffman Sr.] who told me I had an excellent case for self-defense and that he himself was even better positioned to make it because he knew the District Attorney personally.
That should have been a warning to tread carefully. Unbeknownst to me he had been fired from the San Diego DA’s Office AFTER his THIRD DUI.
He’d LITERALLY been prosecuting DUI’s in the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office WHILE collecting them himself on his motorcycle (replete with James Bond themed license plates.)
This former deputy DA did nothing whatsoever to protect my legal rights and as a result was later humiliated by the California State Bar Association when he was castigated for leaving me alone to fend for myself – serving nearly three months in custody simply because he failed to file a simple one page ‘Notice of Appeal’ form.
Fearing the worst and facing a trial in California State Bar Court, He ADMITTED abandoning me in custody AND failing to communicate that he’d dropped me as a client before it was too late. He also admitted failing to return my file.
Why didn’t he file the form? (He blamed a number of personal ‘issues’ INCLUDING the stress and anxiety he suffered from organizing his James Bond themed wedding in Rancho Santa Fe.)
After nearly three years (including nearly three months in custody) and incurring more than $340,000 in expenses, the California Fourth District Court of Appeal o March 18, 2014 REVERSED my misdemeanor criminal conviction, noting in fact I had independent, corroborating evidence proving my self-defense claims and that I should have been able to make my case to the jury.
The fact I was denied the chance to do so was a fundamental denial of my right to due process of law.
Because I was VINDICATED by the California Fourth District Court of Appeal, the deputy District Attorney I hired now faces an even greater potential sanction (including possible disbarment) AS WELL AS a massive legal malpractice suit for his failure to perform, once this case is resolved in my favor. Furthermore, the San Diego District Attorney’s Office faces even greater scrutiny and embarrassment for how my case was mismanaged from the beginning.
What would you do if you were in their position? Would you admit you were wrong? Or would you go for broke?
Twice vindicated by verdict (first on the felony by the trial court, the second time by the Fourth District Court of Appeal), instead of simply acknowledging the mistakes that were made graciously and magnanimously, the San Diego District Attorney’s Office is instead pulling out all the stops to convict me – AGAIN.
Why? Because doing so enables the San Diego District Attorney’s office to save face BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY shields their former colleague from further scrutiny and embarrassment AS WELL AS CIVIL LIABILITY.
This isn’t about public safety, its about politics, plain and simple. Its also a message to those who dared to speak up against the status quo in San Diego politics – the four term district attorney is paying VERY CLOSE ATTENTION to who her friends are – AND who they are NOT.
And because I openly supported her challenger, Bob Brewer in the last election I am most certainly not going to be getting a holiday greeting card from the San Diego District Attorneys The Official Grumpy Cate, that’s for sure.
My family and I appreciate ALL of the support we have received thus-far and continue to receive both publicly from private citizens, public officials and those who hold elected office across our country and around the world.
For a public official to capriciously use her prosecutorial power again and again against a husband and father who was simply standing fast in defense of his family is wrong.
For that public official to do so as a transparent act of political retribution is beyond the pale of decency in American life; it is highly unethical, illegal and actionable at law.
Did you know of the more than 16,000 felony charges filed San Diego County in 2011 – there were only 33 which resulted in ‘NOT GUILTY’ verdicts?
My next trial starts on October 2, 2014; nearly three years AFTER my first trial resulted in my acquittal on the felony accusation.
My public defender last week told me ‘I can’t imagine you being sentenced to more jail time after you’ve already served the original sentence but after what you’ve been through, you never know!’
Let’s just say THAT was far from reassuring.
Please like, share and help by visiting our blog at: http://www.gofundme.com/theburlesonfamily
Katy’s Exposure Blog is about exposing environmental health threats and those responsible.  What the Burleson matter has to do with that subject is this:
Much evidence indicates that Bonnie Dumanis serves as a “political prostitute” and guard dog for those who abuse their government positions in San Diego county. She appears to have a propensity to use the DA’s office as a means of CYA of their blunders.
In merely the latest example of this, she has wasted the taxpayers dollars by relentlessly harassing the Burleson family for a crime that obviously was not committed — while covering up for crimes that obviously were committed. (complainant perjury of lying to a jury to attempt to obtain a false conviction consistent with the conviction Dumanis wanted, is a crime).


Simultaneously, Dumanis has repeatedlyy refused to prosecute local jurists, including Richard Huffman Sr., who falsified numerous court documents in a SLAPP suit (2005 to 2013) over a matter impacting public health, nationwide. As Dumanis knows, some of the documents were falsified while knowing their courts had no subject matter jurisdiction. Under the law, court officers who falsify court documents without subject matter jurisdiction have no immunity from prosecution for the felonies.


Dumanis has also repeatedly refused to prosecute the local sheriff (also involved in the Burleson case), who falsified FBI records in the SLAPP matter while covering up for the jurists’ collusively criminal acts of falsifying court documents. This, while knowingly aiding a scientific fraud of epic proportion to remain viable in courtrooms all across the United States to the detriment of the American public.
VIDEO interview I gave with Walter Davis in 2013.
VIDEO before the San Diego County Board of Supervisors, January 2014.
Mr. Burleson is not the first person in this county who DA Dumanis has attempted (sometimes successfully) to bully into falsely pleading guilty to a felony to the benefit of her friends in the local legal system. In the same vein of corruption, she refuses to prosecute her friends who are proven to have committed felony document falsifications, which harms people all across the U.S.
I have no intention of being silent until San Diego District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis is held accountable for abusing the District Attorney’s office to practice politics, not law, on behalf of her cronies and her own political career.  Too many lives remain at stake to allow her to play fast and loose with the district attorney’s office, under the color of law.
The Burleson family needs your help, now, to take a bite out of the perverse problem in the San Diego County “legal system”. 
Please CONTACT your county, state and federal legislators to voice your outrage of this continuing harassment of the Burlesons by District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis.
Mrs. Sharon Noonan Kramer
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Encinitas family needs help. DA Dumanis practicing politics for cronies again!

The Burleson family of Encinitas, California needs help to stop San Diego County District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis from abusing her government position, while once again practicing politics for her friends.  Mr. Jeff Burleson has filed a complaint with the California State Bar against attorney Richard Huffman Jr. for professional negligence and misrepresentation. Burleson apparently has sued Huffman for the damages caused by Huffman’s proven negligence. It was proven by the Fourth District Division One Appellate Court extending the time for an appeal because of it.
Mr. Burleson is having a difficult time suing Huffman Jr. or anyone else . If DA Dumanis can keep Mr. Burleson running in circles defending himself from trumped-up criminal charges while operating on a financial shoe-string, it is highly unlikely that he will be able to effectively pursue for the damages caused by Huffman Jr’s incompetence and dishonesty.  As frequently happens in this town, no attorney will take a case if it means addressing collusion between court officers, the DA’s office and the Sheriff Department.  Mr. Burleson is having represent himself.
Richard Huffman Jr. is the son of Justice Richard Huffman. Huffman Sr. is former chair of the Executive Committee of the California Judicial Council and a practicing justice in the Fourth District Division One Appellate Court.  Huffman Jr. is a former San Diego deputy district attorney with a drunk driving charge that was notably handled by questionable means. (See August 2005 San Diego Reader article, “His Eyes Were Red and Glassy“)
According to a July 10, 2013 Reader article “Did you know how much trouble you could get in with a shotgun?”, Dumanis’s office was way out of line in 2011 and 2012 when prosecuting Mr. Burleson for basically, answering his front door late in the evening for an insistent, burley man who would not identify himself. Mr. Burleson was unable to get a call through to the police because of a cell phone malfunction and was carrying an unloaded shotgun at the time.
Sheriff Bill Gore’s employees also appear to have addressed the matter with an unreasonably heavy hand before Dumanis became involved.  Upon receiving what sounds like an embellished complaint by the burley man, who was a process server for the Burleson’s homeowner’s association, they surrounded the house and hauled the then unarmed Mr. Burleson off to jail.
According to the Reader, even when facts and witnesses, who were also scared that evening by the obnoxious and intimidating process server, corroborated that Mr. Burleson had good cause to fear for his young family’s safety and never assaulted anyone; Dumanis wanted him to commit criminal perjury and falsely plead guilty to the felony of assault with a deadly weapon.  Mr. Burleson, who is a North County real estate agent and father of three young children, refused to commit perjury at the risk of spending fourteen years in jail.  A felony plea would have caused his real estate license to be revoked and ended his career.

(Correction to the following: the trial was in December 2011, post-trial in 2012)

He was found guilty in a 2012 jury trial of the lesser charge of a misdemeanor for brandishing a weapon. The erred misdemeanor verdict and judgment appear to have been reached due to flawed jury instructions on subject of self-defense — according to a March 18, 2014 unpublished appellate opinion.
When Mr. Burleson first went to appeal in 2012 based on the error, he was referred to attorney Richard Huffman Jr. for legal counsel.  With regard to Huffman Jr.’s negligence and lying to his client, Mr. Burleson, the 2013 Reader article states:
Within a week of his trial, Burleson was planning on an appeal of the brandishing charge, based on self-defense. An attorney friend recommended former deputy district attorney Richard Huffman to conduct the appeal. At their first meeting, says Burleson, Huffman said that he agreed with the nature of the appeal and was confident it would be successful.
The charge to handle the appeal was $3500. Burleson gave Huffman $1000 to begin. This included purchasing the trial transcripts from the court. Burleson would pay the remainder in installments that were to be complete by the time the appellate court received the appeal.
On February 28, 2012, Burleson went to court again, this time for sentencing. He wasn’t worried: he claims that Huffman assured him the appeal would have kicked in by that time and that the judge would delay sentencing. Huffman was in court that day, too. He told Burleson the court had returned the opening brief, which seemed odd. Still, says Burleson, the attorney “didn’t expect any surprises.”
The judge sentenced Burleson to 120 days of work furlough. There was no mention of the appeal. After the hearing, Burleson says that Huffman told him, based on portions of the transcript he’d seen, that the defense attorney had fought like hell for his client and that there wasn’t much basis for an appeal. He should take the furlough and get on with his life.
On March 12, 2012, Burleson began spending his nights, for a charge of $42 each, at Correctional Alternatives Incorporated, a private company in Logan Heights that has a contract with the County of San Diego. He was allowed to leave each day for his job as a salesman of “practice management” software for attorneys. The software is largely intended to help them keep track of deadlines.
“How ironic,” Burleson says, “given what I soon discovered.” A little more than a month after entering custody, he called the court about his case. An official told him that not only was there no appeal on file, but that no one had ever ordered transcripts.
Due to overcrowding, Burleson was released from Correctional Alternatives 40 days early. Finishing the furlough finally gave him time for his family again. After some rest, he figured, he could still pursue the appeal. But he soon realized that his right to appeal had expired.
“So I decided to go after Huffman instead,” Burleson says. Last summer, he requested a copy of his file from Huffman. To date, it has not been forthcoming, although at one point an attorney for the defendant explained that Huffman was “assembling” it.
Acting on his own, Burleson has filed a complaint of “professional negligence” and “breach of contract” against Huffman, asking for $100,000 in costs and lost income. “It’s almost like you’ve got to be a self-absorbed, cocky, abrasive, and at times obnoxious son-of-bitch to survive. And I admit I’m all of that when I have to be.”
On March 18, 2014, the appellate court reversed the verdict with directions to the lower court. 
So what did DA Dumanis do which helps Huffman Jr. skirt having to defend himself for the damages caused to Mr. Burleson and his family?
On the very same day that she was re-elected as San Diego District Attorney in June of 2014, she decided to re-try the case.
According to the family’s website, http://www.gofundme.com/theburlesonfamily, in their heartfelt plea for help to stop the oppressive harassment by Dumanis:
My name is Shelly Burleson and this is my family: my husband Jeff and three children Aaron (3), Ashley (5), and Chandler (7). They mean the entire world to me and fill my heart with a joy I never thought was possible. Everyday, I thank God for His blessings.
In 2011, shortly after Aaron was born, my husband Jeff was falsely accused, wrongfully arrested and dramatically overcharged with a VIOLENT FELONY (assault with a deadly weapon) AFTER he asserted his 2nd Amendment right to defend my children and I when a stranger pounded on our door for 20 minutes after dark. We feared for our safety that night; my husband met the stranger at our front door while holding his shotgun down and across his chest. He was simply being cautious in an effort to defend our home and our family after the Chelsea King and Amber DuBois slayings. This evil man later called the sheriff and falsely reported my husband ‘burst out’ of our home and chased him down the sidewalk with a shotgun.
That simply did NOT happen.
Shortly after my husband’s arrest, Bonnie Dumanis, the San Diego District Attorney, added a strike and firearms enhancements to the charge of Assault With A Deadly Weapon. Why? Because she was running for Mayor of San Diego at the time and wanted to increase her “94% Felony Conviction Rate”. If convicted, my husband faced up to 14.5 years in State Prison. We believe in our Rights and are Proud to be Americans; he was not going to plead guilty to a crime he didn’t commit, so the case went to trial 9 months later. The verdict was ‘NOT GUILTY’ of assault with a deadly weapon but ‘GUILTY’ on the charge of misdemeanor ‘brandishing a firearm’ due to several mistakes made in the courtroom by the prosecutor and the judge.
In 2011, out of more than over 16,000 charged in San Diego, there were ONLY 33 people found ‘NOT GUILTY’ by jury verdict. Thanks to my testimony and the testimony of one of the other five witnesses we found, each of whom corroborated my husband’s account that the man was frightening and belligerent, the jury found Jeff ’NOT GUILTY’ of the felony charge.
Since our original attorney didn’t file appeals, we hired a different attorney to appeal the misdemeanor conviction.
That attorney, Richard Huffman II (who we later discovered had been fired as a deputy DA by Bonnie Dumanis because of several DUI’s) NEVER filed the appeal, THEN tried to convince my husband he should “just take the 120 day custody sentence and move on with his life”. Huffman abandoned my husband in custody and left me alone with 3 young children (ages 4, 3, and 1) for three months.
IF ONLY HUFFMAN had filed the appeal and performed the job we paid him to do, my husband would have been free on bail pending the hearing on the appeal.
That’s right. My husband NEVER should have had to serve ANY TIME AT ALL.
By God’s grace, the 4th District Court of Appeal allowed us to file a motion to appeal even though the time limit had expired, and in March of this year, they FINALLY agreed with my husband’s argument of self defense and REVERSED the guilty verdict. Justice was delayed, but justice was served.
NOT GUILTY on both counts! We were elated! After nearly three years and $300,000 – he had been vindicated at last.
Our excitement was short lived; in June of 2014, on Election Day, DA Bonnie Dumanis decided to re-try the case. There are no words to describe the frustration and exhaustion we feel after this harrowing experience, to have it start ALL OVER AGAIN. We have NO CHOICE BUT TO CONTINUE TO FIGHT!
We have been fighting for over three years. This has cost my family more than $300,000 in bail, attorney’s fees, lost wages and assorted other expenses; money we didn’t have in the first place. It has caused us unimaginable pain and suffering and now our funds are exhausted.
Jeff lost his job in early 2013. When the statute of limitations approached for filing a lawsuit against Huffman and his partners, he couldnt find an attorney to take his legal malpractice case, after all, who wants to represent a ‘guilty’ client anyway?
Jeff had no choice, he wrote the lawsuit himself, and in the ensuing months found he simply could no longer function at his job; he’d become obsessed with winning his case. He was diagnosed with PTSD and anxiety stemming from the overall incident. In April of this year, his disability compensation expired. That was ok, because he was vindicated with the Fourth District Court of Appeal decision. He was exhilirated, and found an exciting new job in May. As you can imagine, he lost it due to the stress and anxiety he suffered upon learning the DA was resuming their merciless campaign against us. He does not qualify for unemployment due to a ‘technicality’ in the CA EDD regulations.
The San Diego District Attorney PREY’S on the the poor and ignorant and has ruined thousands of lives by giving falsely accused criminal defendants NO CHOICE but to plead or face terrifyingly long sentences.
Our case was no exception; we sacrificed enormously to prove my husband’s innocence – it took a relentless commitment and stole THREE YEARS OF OUR LIVES. Now the DA is ‘upping the ante’ by deciding to try him AGAIN on the same set of facts AFTER a higher court ALREADY RULED Jeff had an ‘affirmative right to self-defense’.
At this time, we humbly ask for funds for basic living expenses BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY for attorney’s fees and costs (including expert witnesses, investigators, etc.) while we continue to fight her malicious and merciless persecution and try to get back on our feet.
My husband and I know that the most frightening thing about our situation is that if it can happen to us, it really could happen to anyone.
Would you consider showing your support by making a contribution? Its truly humbling and heart warming knowing our story matters in the hearts and minds of so many others across the country.
Perhaps you’d like to help but find yourself just as financially stressed as we are, we certainly understand. Would you forward this on to your friends and family?
My family and I humbly thank you for your consideration. God Bless.
Had Mr. Burleson listened to proven liar Huffman Jr.’s advice to not appeal and to “take the furlough and get on with his life”; it would have all been wrapped up neatly.
Dumanis would have one more criminal conviction under her belt. No one would question why employees of Sheriff Bill Gore, who is also a second generation “public servant” of the San Diego system, used such force when arresting unarmed Burleson. No one would be questioning why the jury instructions were flawed. And no one would be questioning why Huffman Jr. lied to his client while accepting payment for services not rendered.
Ask yourself this:
Whose interests are being served by San Diego County District Attorney Dumanis continuing to harass this family while benefitting the children of her cronies and mentors  — who’ve been caught screwing up again and ruining people’s lives?  Its certainly not the taxpayers’ who fund Ms. Dumanis’ chosen endeavors.
I am highly of the opinion that DA Dumanis needs to be made to stop abusing the San Diego legal system as a political playground for her inept and compromised friends.  Its not a game.  People’s lives are at stake.
VIDEO, San Diego County Board of Supervisors meeting, January 2014.
Mrs. Sharon Noonan Kramer
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Daily Kos sheds light on corrupt judges who target and bully lawyers

This is a HUGE problem in California.  Bullied and intimidated lawyers are leaving those wronged by officers of the courts nowhere to turn for professional counsel — when its dead obvious judges have been colluding to cover up for themselves and other judges who’ve been practicing politics, not law, in the courts. If the lawyers think they are getting targeted, they might want to look at what happens to those who can find no brave, noble lawyer when judges have been misbehaving and want it covered up.
The following are direct quotes from the July 28th Daily Kos article, “Lawyers Who Criticize Judges Are Being Punished
“They don’t speak up. The reason is you get targeted and you could lose your license,” said Barbara Kauffman of lawyers who witness judicial misconduct. Last month the California attorney contacted state officials alleging that a family court judge in Marin County tampered with court records.
Civil rights attorney Don Bailey had his law license suspended for five years in October by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. “The reason I lost my license is because I criticized judges,” said Bailey, a former Democratic Congressman and state auditor general, in a phone interview last week.
The pattern of attorneys losing their careers or facing hefty fines after speaking out against judges has legal experts worried. The law professor and legal analyst Jonathan Turley wrote of Bailey’s license suspension, “While some would agree with the case, there is a worrisome line of cases targeting lawyers who criticize judges.”
America’s judicial system is extremely ineffective at removing bad judges, said Kathleen Russell, the founder of the Center for Judicial Excellence, a non-profit that is working to stop family court judges from giving child custody to domestic abusers and pedophiles. “Judges are judicially trafficking children to abusers by ignoring evidence of child abuse. Even when judges behave maliciously, there is no law that holds them accountable.”
The above article should serve as a wake-up call for many of just how out of control our courts really are. A judge may be legally held liable for criminal acts when they act without their courts having jurisdiction.
There are several acts which may cause a judge to lose jurisdiction and thus lose judicial immunity from prosecution.  So what if no one (aka other judges, law enforcement agencies, judicial ethics policing agencies and political cronies) will do anything to hold them accountable.  Falsifying material court documents and sending the frauds through the mail are felonies and federal offenses punishable by years in prison.
Its common knowledge that officers of the California courts are getting away with these types of crimes every single day.  No one who could and should interceed to stop the fraudsters, does anything to stop them.  Lives continue to be devastated by not only the fraudsters themselves, but equally by all the willfully blind eyes who aid them to continue to defraud the public.
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