What Ails Health Care – (What’s Good For The Goose…)

excerpt –

Fleming’s advice, which set in motion a week of televised appearances and interviews, is simple enough, full of common sense and should stand as a guiding beacon for Congress.

Whatever Congress deems good and practical for other Americans should be good enough for the senators and congressmen who set up the program.

In other words, if lawmakers create a government-run program, they should be willing, nay, required to participate in that program instead of their extensive congressional health-care coverage.

That should bring some sober thought to a thorny issue. If health-care reform, which is needed, were easy, it would be done already.

Congress must be certain any reform extends to as many Americans as possible without a loss of quality or dignity. Dr. Fleming is right. What lawmakers deem to be good for we, the people, should be good enough for them as well.

louisiana news link – News Star (excerpt)

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