Help Dr. Fine & CFJI to End California Court Corruption

#stopcourtcrimes! #endjudicialcorruption #endcaliforniacourtfraud Big%20CFJI%20Flyer-page-001[1]
 (above Flyer in sharable pdf format)
Last week we blogged of just a few of the many organizations who are working through various efforts to stop systemic crime in California’s judicial branch — Center for Judicial Excellence (CJE), Judicial Council Watcher (JCW) and the Campaign For Judicial Integrity (CFJI).  Toward that end, one can read HERE & HERE why it is important to Vote “NO” public-office re-election for the 45 balloted California justices.
Please help CFJI Get The Word Out to your friends, family, neighbors and associates to Vote “NO”. Distribute the below mini-flyers over the Internet and in-person.
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